The Work-community

Everybody in Camphill Rotvoll has a meaningful task in one of our workshops or on the land. Everybody’s contribution, big or small, adds to the whole and makes it possible for each one to develop his skills and possibilities in his own way.

In our workshops we also give work and day-activities to people from the area around Trondheim who need a sheltered workplace. 

A weekly meeting after lunch every Thursday, the Rotvollting, gathers all those who work at Camphill Rotvoll to discuss matters of common concern related to our work- and cultural-life.

The Garden and Herb-workshop

Camphill Rotvoll runs a small farm, and a market garden with a greenhouse and a herb garden, all based on bio-dynamic farming-principles. We have some sheep, chickens and a donkey. We grow herbs, vegetables, flowers and berries.

Different tasks belong to different seasons of the year, in the summer all aspects of gardening, weeding, haymaking, picking and drying herbs and tending our bees take all our time, while in the cold season, mixing and packing teas and herbs , willow work, and chopping and packing fire-wood have their natural place.



The Weavery

The carrying idea of the weavery's activities is to learn to see and experience the various relationships in the craft and in the materials. We work with wool from our own sheep; washing, carding, spinning and then dyeing our own yarn. We weave blankets, table-runners and -cloths as well as rugs. Small bags, filled with lavender from our herb-garden, are woven in various shades of mauve and lavender. 

As textile-workers we use our whole body, as well as our heart and head, to see how concept, planning and execution can lead to a beautiful, artistic and useful product. A product that we all have had part in making, in different ways. 

Every one in the shop has his or her specific task, which is tailored to each ones possibilities. Through this, both products and social competence is achieved.

Rotvoll Safteri

In Rotvoll safteri we have an effective processing plant for jams and juices, and in several of the work-processes we use advanced machines.
Our produce is based on Bio-dynamic or organic fruit and berries, and is sold all over Norway.
Every fall we have many people bringing their apples or plums to us for pressing.
We experience a large and growing demand for our products.

Rotvoll Bakery

Our Bio-dynamic and organic bread is sold all over Trondheim, to shops, schools, and kindergartens. We, living here, are blessed with the best bread in town. 

Rotvoll Landhandel

In our small shop we sell Bio-dynamic and organic food, gifts, some cosmetics, and of course, all the products from our own workshops. Depending on the season we also sell vegetables from our garden.
You will also find a shelf of Anthroposophical literature.
As far as it is possible, we try to make sure that our goods are Fair Trade.

Building- and maintenance-team

Many of our buildings are aging, and in need of maintenance and re-habilitation. Luckily we have our own master builder and his apprentice, who do their level best to keep them all in good shape. Here they are re-paneling the west wall of Olav Stokland hus.