Aistė Tautkevičiūtė from Lithuania reflects on her time in Kristoffertunet

'What does Camphill mean to me?' now I ask myself after those nine months that I spent working and living here in Camphill Rotvoll.

Camphill is a place where I was accepted the way I am, just because everybody here is treated equally, according to their capabilities to contribute to the community. Camphill is a place where I often faced situations that helped me to know myself better or even discover sides of me that I never knew having before. Camphill is a place where I got to know people that left a deep footprint in my life and taught me so much about human relationships. Camphill is a school. School, where everybody learn about others and themselves, learn to live in a community, learn to share and exchange.

If you choose to come here, be sure that this is going to be an experience that will change you. Different people find their place here in Camphill. It is a perfect place for the ones who want to challenge themselves, who need a break from 'normal' life, where people only seek for the tangible. My only advice would be: be open to new experiences and enjoy meaningful everyday life in the community.

Aistė Tautkevičiūtė





Jan Schunck - on his year at Camphill Rotvoll

I spent one year in 2012/2013 in Camphill Rotvoll and, looking back, I think I can say that my time there has been the most exciting time of my so-far life.

Now that I am back home for almost two months, I mostly remember the beautiful nature, the amazing landscape and, most important, the people I encountered and who I got to know quite well during my year in Norway.

 If you come to this place you are going to experience a long and quite dark winter that is nevertheless of it's own beauty, and from time to time enlightened by the mystical northern lights.

Days are going to become longer and longer until you can read your books outside all night long during May, June and July.

 Furthermore you will also get the unique chance to get an impression of another view on the world and human relationships but also will you be given the possibility to learn more about your inner self. Working with the people is gonna challenge you, and it is not always gonna be easy but you will be rewarded with a deep gratefulness by those who are in need of your help to manage their every-day lives.

Do not come here, having a fixed picture of the world that you do not want to change but be open to new thoughts and impressions that might change your inner personal believes and you are going to make an unforgettable experience.

 Jan Schunck