Easter Sunday breakfast

Living together

At Camphill Rotvoll, Kristoffertunet, we have 3 house-communities. In each house there live about 8 people, some of whom have special needs, some long-term co-workers often with their children and some volunteers. 

For most of us the house-community is our home, for some it is a place of sharing and learning for a shorter time. In each house we share meals and festive occasions. Every Saturday we gather for a special meal and conversation around a text from the New Testament.

Everyone helps with the daily tasks in and around the house, like cooking, cleaning, gardening and mowing the lawn.. 
Giving necessary support and assistance to those who need help, is one of the most obvious tasks.

We make excursions and walks; go to concerts or to the theater.

Kristoffertunet has a weekly program with social and cultural activities.
We make the Christian festivals of the year into special occasions. The festivals are very important for our community-building. They are holy days, so we often take our vacations at other times.

Performing plays, making music and singing together, painting and modeling gives us an opportunity to step out of everyday-life and maybe even to come to new insights. The festivals also give room for study and conversations.