At Camphill Rotvoll we strive to be:

  • an inclusive community where adults with special needs for support and help, along with co-workers, can have a full life in the social realm, have a meaningful job and lead a rich cultural life.
  • a place that promotes biodynamic and organic farming through cultivation, care for the environment, further processing and trade.
  • a place where Anthroposophical impulses can come together and become visible through activities based on the principles of the Camphill Village Trust.




    Our goals are:

    • To provide help and support (care) in the realms of the physical, soul, and spirit.
    • To strive together so that each individual's uniqueness of character enriches the whole.
    • To optimize the conditions so that everyone can develop on the basis of their own premises and to develop beyond what she or he believes they can, through meaningful tasks and culture-building activities.