Application for volunteers

Camphill Rotvoll offers a range of work-tasks: in the house-community, on the land (Bio-dynamic), in one of the workshops, and not least, in our cultural life. The foremost task is to participate in shaping an including life-community with adults with special needs.

Each year the place opens up for young people who wish to do voluntary work. We can offer room and board and pocket-money.

We are also interested to hear from those with more life-experience who could imagine to live and work at Kristoffertunet for a longer time.

For new co-worker we offer an introductory course and a language-course. We do recommend that you start to learn Norwegian before coming. Our every-day language in house and work-shop is Norwegian and our residents only speak Norwegian.

Please send us a description of why you wish to come to Kristoffertunet, your back-ground and life-experience and your plans for the future.

We do wish to have a certain dialogue with future co-workers before they come. The best would be if you were able to come for a visit first.

We are also interested in summer-workers, both for work on the land, but also in the houses, cooking and cleaning.

A .pdf-file with more information can be downloaded here. An application-form can be downloaded here.

 Applications can be sent as an attachment to applicationscamphill-rotvollno

Learning to speak the Norwegian language, as soon as possible, will help you to integrate into our community. 
Here's a link to an online-course in Norwegian, to help you get started.
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